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Trademark Registration
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Trademark Applications in Macau (Macao)

Trademark Applications in Macau (Macao)

1. The registration of a Mark is made with reference to the goods/services that are to be covered by the Trade Mark. All goods/services are grouped by Classes and to each registration corresponds only one Class, i.e., if the goods/services to be covered fall in different classes, more than one registration will be required.

2. Concerning the costs for carrying out an application in Macau, the basic application and registration government charge per Mark and Class totals HKD1,000.00 (USD130.00).
For that purpose, we require (i) two clear representations of the Mark, (ii) the classes and specification of goods (we may assist you in determining the classes if we are only provided with the goods/services intended) and also (iii) the name and address of applicant. A notarised power of attorney is also required as per the attached draft.

3. Our fees for filing each application and following it through to registration will be HKD7,704.00 (USD987.00) - a 20% discount will be given for three to five applications filed simultaneously and a 25% reduction will apply for more than 6 applications.

4. Also note that as all documents will have to be submitted either in Portuguese or Chinese, we may arrange for translation of the same at a cost of HKD250.00 (USD32) per page.

5. Other disbursements include postage, fax, and notary fees (for certified copies of the PoA) which usually do not exceed HKD300.00 (USD38.00).

6. The lead-time of securing a Trade Mark application will be around SEVEN months.

7. Registration is valid for a period of seven years time after granting and renewals are for the same time.

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