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Our China Business Registration Services

Business Registration

With the accession to WTO, China is becoming a more and more international market. Most of the Fortune 500 multinational companies have come to China and achieved significant growth as a result. Not limited to multinationals,, thousands of small and medium size companies have set up their presence in China as well.

Our business service professionals are familiar with the procedures of setting up businesses in China , whether the business you intend to set up is a representative office, a joint venture or a wholly foreign owned enterprise. We can advise you on the suitable strategy to set up your business from the very first step in China .

Business Annual Filings

Every year all FIEs are required to conduct business annual filings to different government bodies, including the Administration of Industry and Commerce (ˇ§AICˇ¨), State Administration of Foreign Exchange (ˇ§SAFEˇ¨) and Customs, etc.

We can work independently or together with your accounting and business department to take care of these annual business filings.

Change of Particulars

With the development of your business, your corporate information will be constantly changing. There are some cases in which you will need to update the changing information with relevant government bodies. Examples include increasing of your investment, changing your shareholders, changing your office location, or changing your legal representatives, etc.

Failure to timely update this information to relevant government bodies shall cause warning or/and penalties from competent government bodies.

We can take care of these changes for you according to statutory requirements where such requirements arise.

Business Deregistration

There are a number of government bodies you need to go through if you want to deregister a business. The period to deregister a business generally would normally range from 3 months to half a year or even longer due to complicated procedures.

Of these government bodies, the tax authority is most critical. The tax authority will go to your company to conduct a full tax audit from the date of inception of the company until its field work date. All vouchers, ledgers, financial statements, contracts, tax filings documents, tax payment receipts, etc., must be provided for its review. Any questions from the tax authority should be promptly explained. Any discrepancy from tax rules may result in repayments, fines or penalties due to your noncompliance.

We can work with your accounting staff, handle liquidation committee, and coordinate various government relationships to smoothly withdraw you from a non-performing business.

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