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Hong Kong Tax Filing Services - for Individuals and Corporations

Normally, a tax return for each year of assessment will be issued to individuals, sole proprietor, partnership, property owner, limited company incorporated in Hong Kong, and company incorporated elsewhere but with a business establishment in Hong Kong. Individuals and companies must fill out the return and submit them to Inland Revenue Department within one month from the date the return is issued or other dates as specified in the tax returns.

Preparation and Filing of Tax Return

Basic Service Charges
salaries tax return
from HK$300
property tax return
from HK$300
sole proprietor (salaries tax or profits tax return)
from HK$500
partnership (or salaries tax or profits tax return)
from HK$1,500
limited company (profits tax return)
from HK$3,000

The actual amount charged will be varied on the basis of the nature of business, volume of transactions, the scale of business etc. We will prepare the necessary supporting documents, prepare the tax return and submit them to Inland Revenue Department on clientsˇ¦ behalf.

Extension and Objection

Any individuals or companies can apply in writing to Inland Revenue Department for an extension of time for filing of any returns they received before the deadline stated in the tax return. The deadline for filing of most returns is a month after the date of issue of that return. You can appoint us as your tax representative or request us to handle the extension and objection procedures for you. Our service charges are as following:

(1) Objection to assessment or provisional assessment: HKD400;
(2) Application for extension for submission of tax from HKD200.

You are reminded that the fees stated above is for general case and reference only. Actual amount of fees to be charged will be negotiated and decided in a case by case basis.

For further information or assistance, please contact our offices or send email to enquiries@bycpa.com.

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